Thursday, September 17, 2009

Frame Switch

Over a year ago I moved from my old apartment and in with my future wife. At the time, I very lazily left my beater bike locked under the back stairs. Recently I needed a beater bike for the winter, so I decided to take a chance and go by the old place to see if it was still there. To my surprise it was.

So I was sitting there staring at my beater bike and something came to mind. My main commuter bike was too small for me. It was a 17" mountain bike frame, while I needed an 18.5" to 19" frame. My beater bike was a 20". Slightly too big for everyday use I thought. I decided, what the hell. I'm going to switch frames. So I did. Below you can see the finished work.

I was mistaken about it being too large. There are few times I notice the top tube being too high.

I took the opportunity to put on my new crank that has been sitting in a bag forever. I originally got it off Nashbar for $10. The downside being that the crank length is 145. Which I don't mind at all, so good deal. I needed a new seatpost and stem, all of which were easily gotten at West Town Bikes.

The frame has much more rake than my previous one. When I ride it feels like I'm driving a truck. I do enjoy this, it lets me imagine I'm riding a Long Haul Trucker. :)