Thursday, April 23, 2009

LaHood sounds good

Now and again I check the blog for the Secretary of Transportation, Mr. Ray LaHood. Yesterday, on Earth Day, he decided to focus on bicycles. This excited me and reaffirms the words he said when addressing the bike summit.

Mr. LaHood is tending to focus on livable communities which hopefully will help with the goal shared by most cyclists.

The future is brighter.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Headwind is a killer.

Chicago is known as the windy city. Many people claim that this is because of the politics and not the weather. Riding a bike has shown otherwise though. Today I got to push directly against a nice 15 Mph headwind on the way home. This can make my otherwise half hour ride into a full hour ride.

In addition, I get the benefit of knee problems when I'm done pushing. My knees have been bothering me on and off for a while now. Today's issue is one that occurs when I push myself. My kneecaps sting a little bit when my knees are slightly bent. I can't find this anywhere online. So far it's a minor annoyance and haven't seen a doctor. I'm sure if I did see a doctor I would be told to lose weight, which I'm working on.

My weight. When I first started riding I was pushing 350. I'm proud to say I'm 323 as of this morning. What I'm not happy about is that I've been hovering around there for a few weeks. Conferences haven't helped. Them with their free snacks. Free food is something I have to work on saying no to.