Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Touring Resources

For those that were interested in touring resources, I'll start by pointing you too a few sites. First is crazy guy on a bike, probably the biggest touring site featuring many videos and blogs. One can spend hours on this site. Most touring journals can be found on cgoab.

Next up is the touring forum on I like to keep up with the RSS feed. There can be a lot of repetition, usually over choosing equipment, but there can be some great conversations.

Next is BicycleTouringPro, this site can be a little to commercial, but it supports a tourist. He sounds like he knows what's up. His videos can be some of the best touring guides out there.

The final resource is the largest touring organization in North America, Adventure Cycling provides wonderful routes, maps, and tours.

Next I'd like to point you too some inspirational videos, the first is the Cross Canada project. This is over an hour long. It includes some of the best touring footage I've ever seen.

Then there is Bike2Oz. This is long, and full of information. My only issue is that the intro gets a little old.

If you want to follow a tour from basically the begining, check out The Path Less Pedaled.

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